Weather Underground Downloader
Query ParameterInput FieldDefault ValueDescription of parameter
Station CodeKSLCEnter the airport code or pws: code you would like to get the temperature history for. If it is a Personal Weather Station, it must be pre-fixed with a 'pws:'.
Key IDYou must register for your own personal KEY ID and then enter it here to use this download tool.
History Date20120725Enter the date that you would like to retrieve temperature history for in YYYYMMDD format
Hours0,3Enter the 24 hour period range you would like to download in the format 1,23 where the starting hour is separated from the ending hour by a comma. Make sure the start time is less than the end time, or this script will probably blow up on you.
Station Set1,10Enter the starting record and ending record of the nearby stations that you would like to download. Where this parameter is important is that you can only download 10 records per minute. To work with this constraint, we have a delay feature that pauses for every 10 records processed. Many of the stations have nearby stations of nearly 40 records, so it will take at least 3 minutes to download all the data. If you want a faster response, you can specify a smaller range of records you want to get them faster, but you will need to manage the clock to make sure you don't exceed 10 per minute, unless you have opted for one of the 'paid' plans, or have earned a lot of 'raindrops'.
The maximum number of stations that can be retrieved is 50. Enter in the format 1,50.
Output TypeHTMLValid choices: HTML, COMMA, FILE. HTML and COMMA output to the web page, FILE will create a .CSV file and initiate a download to your computer.
Or format your own url string: http://localhost/WunderDown.asp?KeyID={your key id here}&StationCode=KSLC&KeyID=&HistoryDate=20120725&Hours=0,3&StationSet=1,10&output=HTML
Remember, you can only download 500 records per day on the free plan. So you can probably due between 10 and 12 airports with all the nearby stations per day.
  1. Stations with an icao code are Airports
  2. Stations with an id code are Personal Weather Stations
  3. When you select a PWS as a starting point, they still list nearby airports first. Look for the PWS with a distance_mi of 0. In this case, you can't tell how far the PWS is from any of the airports.
  4. For airports, the distance_km and distance_mi are calculated from the 1st airport listed using the latitude and longitude supplied by Weather Underground (they don't supply distances for airports).
The data for this download tool is graciously provided free of charge by Weather Underground.
This script is running on a low end Windows hosted server. They may shut me down if the cheap 'sleep' function used to delay the processing to 10 records per minute is too costly for their shared CPU. This script uses the MS XML DOM so will only run on a Windows platform. It was developed on a Windows 7 system running IIS 7.0. If you would like a copy of the script, send me an email at gary [DOT] blackhole1 [AT] conceo [DOT] com.